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Rebecca MorencyStrategist? Consultant? Direct Response Copywriter?

I'm the Bottom Line Builder.

My goal when writing compelling copy for your business is connecting prospects to the solution you offer. I love hearing when you land dream clients or close a series of sales. One client calls it a "trifecta day" whenever he has three closes (four-figure to six-figure accounts) in a single day.

But what I really get pumped about is developing your marketing mix so you realize how great you are at what you do and know how to share it online and off.

For years I dug inside the financial guts of a variety of businesses, literally building bottom lines using QuickBooks and training clients' staff to run the business. Turns out I have a real knack for finding and plugging dollar leaks in companies while unearthing untapped growth potential.

By combining my business building and writing skills, I discovered online and offline strategies that deliver the solution your product or service provides your ideal customer.

Knowing how to get to the core of your target market is key.

Before my years as a bottom line building QuickBooks detective, I conducted background investigations where I interviewed people from all walks of life—listening, collecting and verifying information from multiple sources then writing each candidate's unique story.

That's what marketing is all about...a clear and compelling story of a solution that resonates because it fits, connects and moves the sale forward.

The first step is usually a website or redesign of the landing page, web pages, and squeeze page. Once their site is online, my clients tap into various tactics to connect to potential clients: lead generation letters, mobile marketing, special reports, PowerPoint video presentations, postcards, brochures, press releases, autoresponders, newsletters, articles and social media.

Here's some of the results my clients experience...

  • High Google ranking for specialties and region
  • Connecting and closing the deal with their ideal clients because they could be found on the Internet and were the right fit for each other
  • Lead generation postcards and letters that make the phone ring
  • Pride and confidence in their online presence.

I stay current in the ever-changing online marketing world so you don't have to. Before using a new marketing method, I've usually tested it on our own businesses first. I also invest my time and money in classes, seminars, and training with some of the top copywriters and marketing strategists so I can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Contact me today and together we'll discover the combination of online and offline marketing tactics that work best with your style of doing business.