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Fast-Loading Mobile Websites, SEO Optimized Desktop Sites, and
Content That Connects Prospects to Your Association Members

Creating an association of like-minded professionals can provide fellowship, community, professional development and networking opportunities for your membership.

Association SiteMany members join associations so the public can find them because the member's website isn't highly ranked in the search engines. Some members don't even have websites, so they join hoping they'll be found by prospects through the search function of the association site.

Whether a solopreneur or a larger business, many companies join associations to expand their web presence. They want to share with the online community that they are affiliated with professional organizations that bring credibility and authority to their industry. The typical way members share the connection is by placing the association link on their sites.

  • Are your members proud to link to your association site?
  • Is your association site easy to navigate?
  • Can prospects quickly search for your members?
  • If you have a private members area, is it full of relevant info that members can use?
  • Is your association growing at the pace you projected? 

If you answered "No" to any of these questions, I can help by developing your online presence with a desktop website and mobile website...

  • Designing the public site and implementing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies on your desktop site. Web spiders can crawl your site so the association and your members are visible on the Internet. And that means prospects can find members who offer the solution they need.  
  • Developing a mobile site that delivers fast-loading relevant content for your potential customers. (Did you know 2 out of 10 searches in 2012 were on a mobile device and that Microsoft predicts mobile searches will outpace desktop searches by 2016? How does your site look on a smart phone?)  
  • Creating relevant and useful public content so you can connect with potential members.
  • Developing a private membership area that provides relevant industry information and expands internal networking opportunities. Private member areas often attract new members because they want to know what's going on inside.

With the goals of your association clearly in mind, I can have your mobile and desktop websites online and you can put your focused marketing plan in action.

Here's an example of a redesign of a desktop association site with a public search feature and private member area.

Whether you want to add a new layer to your existing marketing or you need to build your online presence from scratch, contact me today.

Rebecca Morency